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Peak Balance was designed and formulated for endurance race horse who commonly travel 50, 75 and even 100 miles over difficult terrain and through oppressive weather. The formula was developed and enhanced over the course of several years through rigorous on-trail trials. What evolved is the most complete metabolic solution available to meet and exceed your horses complex needs during training, race and recovery. The worlds top riders have come to understand that Peak Balance is a necessary component to compete in the most demanding global equine race events. 

Since "The Beginning"...

The impressive results of horses outfitted with Peak Balance have increased demand for the advantages offered by its usage. Not only have we endeavored to meet  those needs without sacrificing quality, Peak Balance has developed, tested and refined several other solutions which help to provide a trusted source for the worlds most competitive riders. Peak Balance solves the riddle of how to achieve optimal performance consistently and naturally. 

What separates us from the other stuff...

Peak Balance is all natural and without preservatives. Each bottle is made-to-order for the unique needs of your horse. It is fast absorbing and can be utilized efficiently by your horse to achieve maximum metabolic enhancement during training, race day and recovery. Peak Balance will work directly with you to design a regimen based on your specific horses needs. Just ask!

We aren't cheap...

And we don't aim to be. Our only goal has always been to offer a winning solution for the most demanding horse owners on earth, regardless of cost.  If you want "cheap" products then we are not for you. If you want the most effective and trail-tested products available anywhere then we would love to help your horses. 

Used by champions and soon-to-be champions

Horses using Peak Balance are everywhere and you probably don't even realize it. Our own horses and horses using our superior products are at FEI and AERC events across the globe. Most recently many of our horses and customers competed at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC. Please visit the "Success" part of our site to see a partial list  of events in which our customers have competed successfully. 

Please contact us

We love horses and understand you love them too. Give us a call at 205-601-0331 so we can talk horses. 

About Us

Race Success:


I am a serious endurance rider who has been competing in 100-mile endurance races since 2000 and have almost 8400 endurance miles.

Over the years I have tried dozens of different electrolyte programs, stomach buffers, ways to encourage my horse to eat and drink during the race and have had mediocre success.... Until I started using Peak Balance Liquid Minerals, GI for the gut, and MERs (Muscle Energy Recovery), Pre-Ride (The day before our race) and Finish Line (What I give my horse at the end of the race before we present to the vet for our final exam), and I can NOT say enough about how much this protocol has changed my whole experience and aided in my success with my horses!

Before I discovered the Peak Balance Program, I would have average marks on my horse's gut motility, attitude and impulsion, and often watched him turn away from his food and water when I knew he needed it more than anything. It drove me nuts while I searched for something, ANYTHING, that would encourage him to eat and drink. Not just during the race but afterwards as well. And then I stumbled on a solution.............

Peak Balance, (Liquid Minerals) GI (For the gut), and MER's (Muscle Energy Recovery)! I won't ever compete again without these! My horse now gets all A's at the vet checks, looks like a million bucks at the end of the 100-mile race, and looks like he never did a thing days following the race! Trust me, this was not always the case! 

FYI, my 16-year-old Arabian who has over 5000 endurance miles, just completed his 25th, 1 day, 100-mile race and I KNOW we'd never have done it without Peak Balance, GI and MER's! As the saying goes: We won't leave home without it!

Debbie Schultz

M21806 www.aerc.org

and TR Notablymishaah H40739