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Liquid Mineral Advantage


Fuel your horse with the same race-proven formula used by endurance racing's most  competitive horses. If you seek more from your training sessions, your race times or your ability to recover, Peak Balance Liquid Mineral Advantage is a necessary component to your nutritional regimen. It isn't just used by endurance horse racing champions, it's relied on by endurance horse racing champions. The same superior Peak Balance vitamin and supplements formula is available to you.

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Gastro-Intestinal Advantage + M.E.R.


The importance of gut motility in training, race and recovery cannot be understated. Peak Balance - G.I. Advantage is an endurance horse race formula designed to encourage consistent eating and digestion. G.I. Advantage is used by endurance champions throughout the U.S. and World. 

Poultice Advantage


The demands of endurance horse racing are among the most intense of all horse disciplines. Peak Balance -Poultice Advantage is trusted by the most competitive racers around the world to allow maximum recovery to your horses most vital parts.

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